2013 Raffle quilt progress

The raffle quilt committe has been working hard on getting the quilt done. We have 121 four inch squares! Some are embroidery, some are machined, and paper pieced. We are placing them in three different colored squares. We have been challenged in this design to place these wonderful squares made by Kyle Quilters members. We are very excited to see the results!


2 thoughts on “2013 Raffle quilt progress

  1. Like Kathie said, we are working furiously to ensure we will have the quilt done by Front Porch Days in May. As yet, however, we have not come up with a name. I suggest that we have a contest to choose the name. We will post photos here and/or on our new Facebook page so you can track progress and work on names. Then submit them here on the blog. The executive committee will choose the winner and make the announcement at the May meeting.

  2. How about calling it “Quilt Doodles” since all the little quilt blocks look like someone just doodled them.

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